Here are some great blogs for cooking (mostly vegetarian/vegan friendly) and bread baking in general. I will keep updating it and please feel free to make suggestions.

Mostly cooking
Chowhound - where foodies gather
80 breakfasts
appetite for China
Just Hungry - most Japanese
Herbivoracious - vegan
Maangchi - Korean recipes. With videos
Post Punk Kitchen - self-explanatory for those in the vegan world
Rasa Malaysia - excellent Southeast Asian and east Asian recipes
RedCook - Chinese home cooking
Simply Recipes - reliable. Good Mexican.
Smitten Kitchen
Taste Hong Kong
What the hell does a vegan eat anyway?

In Chinese:
Amituofohouse - Buddhist Chinese recipes
Susi- Taiwanese vegetarian.

Mostly baking
The Fresh Loaf  - Great community of bakers
Baking Bits
Bittersweet - beautiful posts. Vegan
Cream puffs in Venice - I can look at these photos all day

Some of my favorite books:
Vegetarian cooking for everyone, Deborah Madison
Vegetarian cooking under Pressure, Lorna Sass
Vegetable Soups, Deborah Madison

Whole Grain Baking, Richard Reinhart
Bread Bible: 300 favorite recipes, Beth Hensperger